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$2,500 per month. Billed monthly for six months.

Vision of Prosperity- what is the purpose of prospering?
What areas are you seeking to enhance in your life?
-Breaking up old belief patterns around what is possible in business and in personal life, opening up prosperity in the 4 P’s
Personhood (your roles, your faith, your belief system, your personal practices, your limitations, your areas of strength- your wants, your needs, your desires) , Personal Relationships/Partnership (marriage, work partnerships, team
partnerships, community partnerships) Professional Growth (your vision for YOU and your business and how they collide), and Prosperity in Finances ( in an abundant world where YOU have access to anything, what is it that you want?).

True alignment of team and the client’s vision. A deep and rich understanding of the brand, mission and values, as well as target business objectives. Establish an amazing connection, then set out a plan going forward, with tangible assets and playbooks.